Circle of the Sacred Drum

Circle of the Sacred Drum offers many services, celebrations, rites, rituals, or ceremonies to meet your religious or spiritual needs.

Our clergy are ordained and have knowledge of many comparative religions and practices.

Most of our services are free of charge, but we do ask to make a donation to cover our expenses, time, and operating costs.

For distance services we ask for a donation of $25.00
For local or in-person services we ask for a donation of at least $50.00

Our Services, Ceremonies, Rites, and Rituals

Spiritual Counseling - As clergy we are authorized to provide counseling on spiritual matters. If your situation requires professional mental or health counseling we could refer you to licensed medical or mental therapist

Weddings, Hand Fastings, Partnership Unions
- These ceremonies are performed locally in the Greater Springfield, Missouri area. Although same sex marriages are not legally recognized in Missouri, we can perform a bonding ceremony, same as our Wiccan Handfasting ceremonies.

Rites of Passage - These ceremonies mark milestones in the development of life, such as Coming of Age Ceremonies, Croning or Sageship Ceremonies, Birth or Dedication Ceremonies, Last rites or memorial services are covered under our shamanic psychopomp services

Wiccan Holidays - Wiccan holidays, such as Esbats or Sabbats, and full moon ceremonies are performed by our local clergy both at our Temple and online. Contact us for our celebration schedule

Spiritual Consultations - Our clergy are well versed in many esoteric and occult subjects and are available to give lectures, advice, or classes in many subjects. Contact us for more information.

Tarot and Divination - Psychic readings can be performed online or in-person. Contact us to set up an appointment with one of our readers.

Correllian Wiccan Classes - Local Clergy classes and classes in Correllian Wicca are available in person at our temple or in your own home within 
the Greater Springfield, Missouri area.

Initiations, dedications, and registration for both Inner and Outer Court for Correllian Wicca are available in-person or over a distance.

For more information about any of these services or if you have any questions feel free to contact us at